The more support the better. If you could help support this online petition
CCS and CC fans alike would be extremely grateful. There are a veriety
of different ways you can show your support. One of the biggest and most
obvious ways is to Sign the Petition, after that you can continue your support by

1. E-mailing your friends and telling them about the petition.

2. Mentioning the petition at Cardcaptor Sakura/Cardcaptors/Anime Forums

3. Writing to us telling us how you feel about the dub, Nelvana (please be mature),
this petition, or anything having to do with CCS/CC and this site.

4. If you have a site and you support this idea and petition, a link would
be greatly appreciated. Please link to the mainpage to show your support!

5. If you do not have a website and happen to stubmle accross a
CCS/CC/Anime site that says "E-mail me to add a link to your website", you
may submit the url of this petition to that site.

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