Well, as we all know, Nelvana has done a terrible job dubbing CCS
(Cardcaptor Sakura). Over the net, there are many forums(message boards)
about Cardcaptors, one of them is Clowsage. Many (infact almost all) of the members
at Clowsage agree on what a terrible job Nelvana did of dubbing CCS. So one
member said, why not start a club. It was called the WHNC (We Hate Nelvana Club)
and in no time at all, we had tons of ppl wanting to sign up. ~Windy~, the founder of
this club mentionned that our club should do something, like send e-mail to Nelvana
about the CCS dub. Then another member, mentionned that we should try a
petition, and send it to Nelvana once we get 1,000, or maybe even more signatures.
We all thought this was a great idea. So this website was started to collect all the
sigantures we need, and to let our voices be heard!

Although the club was called the "We Hate Nelvana Club" this petition site is in no
way a hate page to Nelvana, simply a way to maturely tell Nelvana what the fans
want and how we, the fans, feel. Questions or Comments? Visit the Contacts
Page for information on how to contact the staff.

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Disclaimer : Cardcaptors is owned by Nelvana. Cardcaptor Sakura is copywrite
CLAMP and all other respective owners. We do not in any way claim ownership
of Cardcaptors or Cardcaptor Sakura.
How it all started...